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v21What is Havenside?

Havenside is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rental apartment complex for island elders, situated on a sloping hillside overlooking Vineyard Haven harbor.   There are twenty-nine apartments in four buildings:

  • (24) one-bedroom units
  • (4) two-bedroom units
  • (1) studio

Most apartments enjoy the sweeping views of the harbor.  The property is about three blocks from downtown Vineyard Haven, bordered by Main Street and Crocker Avenue.  (The adjacent “Love House,” at one time part of the complex, is now owned and managed by Island Elderly Housing.

Who owns and operates Havenside?

Havenside was constructed in 1966 with the mission to provide housing at or below cost for retired, elderly full-time residents of Martha’s Vineyard.  Margaret Love and her brother, Robert, purchased the former “Havenside Inn,” and designed and built the complex under the aegis of their Romarlo Foundation.  In 1973, the Loves donated the facility to the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts; in 1991, the Diocese created a separate non-profit corporation for the administration of Havenside.

Although the complex remains affiliated with the Diocese, it is governed by a local Board of Directors, in accordance with the Corporation By-Laws.   The Board sets eligibility criteria and other policies according to the non-profit mission of the organization, with consideration to the needs of Havenside and the larger community. 

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