v8What is the application process?  How long is the wait list?

Inquiries and applications should be directed to the Havenside Corporation Manager, P.O. Box 1418, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568; telephone 508-693-2280. 

Initially, applicants need only submit the “Preliminary Application Form,” which can be downloaded below or obtained from the manager. When received, it will be filed according to date of receipt.   Generally speaking, because of the number of applications on file, there will be a significant wait before you are called to interview for an apartment. 

Applicants are asked to keep Havenside informed of any changes which would affect their status in the application process.

When the time is approaching that a unit might be available to an applicant, he or she will be asked to provide Havenside with more information about nearby relatives, as well as references and a medical form with a doctor’s verification that the applicant is able to live safely, independently. 

When this final application is submitted, we will invite the candidate to sit down with the manager and a Board member to go over all the aspects of living at Havenside, to answer any questions which he or she may still have, and to confirm for both the candidate and Havenside that he or she will be able to live safely and contentedly here, as well as to manage the financial requirements of residency.

When an apartment becomes vacant, necessary renovations are made and during this period applicants are contacted in chronological order, to determine which applicant is prepared to sign the Agreement of Lease, effective on the date the apartment is ready for occupancy.  When an applicant is not prepared to occupy an available apartment, his/her place in the chronological order remains the same for the next available unit. 

If an apartment is offered for the second time (which could be one month or one year after the first call) and the applicant is not ready to accept, his application will be dated as a new one, and the waiting process will begin again.  The Board reserves the right to give consideration to the total circumstances of each applicant and to weigh factors other than the date of application in notifying a person that an apartment is available.

Download PDF Application