v7Who is eligible for Havenside?

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the priority list, applicants must provide proof of year-round residency on Martha’s Vineyard for at least the past two years and at least be 65 years old. Applicants must meet the age and residency requirements before filing an application and be able to meet the other requirements and restrictions to be accepted for an apartment.  Off-island residents must have immediate family members who are willing to be supportive and meet the two year residency requirement in order to apply for the “off-islander reserve list”. This list will only be used if there are no qualified island residents ready to move into an available apartment.

The Board of Directors maintains the right to waive one or more of the criteria and restrictions if there are no eligible applicants for an available apartment.

Other Requirements and Restrictions

Residents must be able to live independently and safely, within the constraints of the property.  Most apartments are accessed by a few steps and sloping walkways.  There are limited parking spaces which can be some distance from the apartment.  No smoking is allowed on the property.  Pets are not allowed.  Two-bedroom apartments are for double occupancy and not available to single applicants.

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